The Business of Photography


Learn the biggest success factors in running a photography business summed up from 10 years of experience.

Module Schedule

Module one: Media Kits

Module Two: Pricing

Module Three: Contracts & Legal 

Module Four: Investments & Resources

Module Five: Marketing & Social

Module Six: Client Relationships

Module Seven: Industry Relationships

Module Eight: Next Steps & Resources

Below are the tangibles

This course will give you the actual information and templates for you to stay protected in your photography business, to attract the ideal clients, and know how to manage them and your budget.


This course is full of downloadable worksheets and tools such as budgeting sheets, invoice templates, and contract templates. As well as social media templates, client questionnaires, moodboard templates, presets and more.

Social Media 

How to use social media as a tool for marketing and branding your business. We want to make social media work for you. We know everyone already uses social media, but for those who aren't sure how to use it for your business, we have your back!


Information on how to run your business efficiently and the workflow from attracting your clients to closing them. As well as tactics on how to deal with troublesome clients. We will also help you figure out pricing and other ways to stay organized.  

Why you should take this course...

When you first get into this business it's because you have a passion for creating/storytelling, then the more you delve into it, you realize there is a lot more involved. Whether you are just started out as a photographer or have been at this for awhile, there is a whole other element of being a professional photographer that no one really talks about but will lead you to success in your business.

Hey I'm Ashley! I created this course because I'm ready to give back! There weren't many resources about the business side of photography when I first graduated from photo school. I had to create something out of nothing, the path wasn't easy, but it lead me to travel around the world, photographing for magazines, working with celebrities and influencers, and really making a name for myself in the industry. This course is about what I wish I knew then that I know now. I am giving you all my best sucess tips in this course so that you don't have to spend the better half of a decade managing a business the wrong way like I did. I've made all the mistakes for you and I'm here to show you what actually works. 

Early Bird Pricing 

One time purchase 

(a $300 savings!)


-Lifetime access to the course 

-Fully online course with pre recorded modules 

-Downloadable Templates and Worksheets

- 30 Day Money back guarantee

Three Payments of: 



-Lifetime access to the course 

-Fully online course with pre recorded modules 

-Downloadable Templates and Worksheets

- 30 Day Money back guarantee

Here's what others have learned from Ashley!


So much value in one place!

“Because of Ashley’s experience, I was able to gain clear insight on how to protect myself legally as a photographer. Her level of expertise on putting together proposals, while incorporating invoices and estimates has given me confidence and a realistic knowledge base that has enabled me to produce professional quality photography. Ashley is not only talented in her craft but also has an ability to communicate effectively and provide professional insight.” 

Stefanie Villers


I learned so much from Ashley.

 "I didn't know what a media kit was until I took Ashley's course. She helped me deal with the marketing and business side of photography. I loved photography but didn't know how to create a business around it and Ashley has helped me tremendously."

Logan Hill

The Business of Photography

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